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[Read] How to make a good topic.

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[Read] How to make a good topic. Empty [Read] How to make a good topic.

Post by MaxMatsu on Sat Jun 27, 2009 3:24 am

The first step, is not doing one-liner and not making that one-liner a question.

Now if you don't want to start badly, lets go with our little glossary shall we?

newb: A newb is a person new to any forum, this word isn't insulting.

n00b/noob: Mostly is new people, but they have a little twist, they get on people's nerves and insults them sometimes, they keep spamming the same message, smileys and question, they also write badly and some in 1337 language. When they get a complaint or negative comment, they get angry. They mostly don't know anything either. If they aren't complimented of whatever they do, they go mad, even when they try to help you. You might be called noob for any of this circumstances, and if you are called n00b, then its a bad sign and you might need to check this characteristics and see which fits you.

nub: This word is used by me mostly, but in the other hand, this word is used mostly when you get irritated or you're having a joke, this word is hardly insulting, unless you're irritated.

Those are the 3 words that might be confused inbetween, but have significantly different meanings. IF you're called a noob because of you're spelling, and it isn't your first language, be sure to note that.

Now, the only thing left to do is not doing the words ''nub'' and ''noob'', and the first message; that mostly explains why topics are good or bad, because of the one who posts it.

Oh almost forgot one word:

Postwhore: People who want their post count up, mostly more than 100 posts in a week.

So don't call people noobs because of low post count, or because of high one. If you get with a high one and low days of signing in, call him/her postwhore.

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