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[Read] This Section's special rules.

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[Read] This Section's special rules. Empty [Read] This Section's special rules.

Post by MaxMatsu on Sat Jun 27, 2009 10:20 am

Ok, I'll make this fast so here it is:

1. All the forum rules apply here.

2. Avoid making an already made topic.

3. If you're gonna put you're finished video here, try not to make a topic for each one, and make an archive with one topic.

4. Don't post links to inappropriate videos.

5. Don't make spam posts or something alike this: lololololroflorlforlforofl!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!one!!!!! dat ws gud!!1! Cool Cool Cool Mii luv it! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

And thats all. For now....

Enjoy this section!

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